Sonic Boom & Mobile Legends Ensured So Game Failed SEGA

SEGA, the name of this one had appeared so amazing in the early days of the emergence of the gaming industry as a new entertainment business. Together with their classical console – Sega Genesis is phenomenal, Sega continues to launch hardware and software products that are always interesting to follow. But unfortunately, their role as one of the foundations of the growth of the game industry in the past turned out to contradict their current identity. After Dreamcast’s fatal failure in the past, Mobile legends¬† seems to have lost its way. In fact, they seem not confident with their flagship game franchise – Sonic who is no longer able to offer the magical power of his past. Not only in terms of quality, Sonic sales performance also declining.

Whereas SEGA itself has poured a considerable amount of money investment to ensure the latest Mobile legends hack  game series РSonic Boom success in the market. But what happened? Two games were released for two Nintendo platforms Р3DS and Wii U via Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal was confirmed as a failed product.
SEGA only managed to sell no more than 490,000 Sonic Boom copies, making it the Sonic series with the lowest sales in history.

The numbers themselves are quite disappointing. SEGA is only able to sell about 490,000 copies of this game since its release, making Sonic Boom the Sonic game with the lowest sales in history. Even more sad again? It remains unclear whether the 490,000 copies of this figure are taken from games that have arrived at the hands of gamers, or just those they distribute to giant retailers. One of the reasons behind the failure of this project is the release of a product that is problematic, with a variety of bugs that interfere with the convenience of playing.

Hopefully this fact does not make SEGA get rid of Sonic just like that done Mobile legends . Please dont..

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