Official, Goodbye Silent Hills! and How about Super Mario Run

If there is one thing that is achieved successfully by the release of P.T. via Playstation Store some time ago, is to build a hype that may be spelled out, difficult to dammed again. This horrific horror game project turned out to be the introduction of a new Super Mario Run series that will be hosted by Hideo Kojima and veteran director – Del Toro.

The combination of both ideas alone is enough to make the fans of this genre shout excited, especially considering the track record of their products are always fascinating. Moreover Kojima had expressed his intention to make Silent Hills as the biggest game ever, even ready to lose if it turns out many gamers who do not dare to buy and play it. A beautiful scenario, which, unfortunately, lives a mere dream.

The conflict between Hideo Kojima and Konami, which until now is unclear background, again took its toll. Leaks of information thrown Del Toro and Norman Reedus yesterday culminated a bitter reality. Konami finally spoke up, agreeing that the “Silent Hills” project under Kojima – Del Toro – Norman Reedus is dead and will no longer continue. However, Konami also asserted that as a franchise, Silent Hill will continue to live, as they had announced for Metal Gear Solid some time ago.

With Silent Hills dead, Konami also attracted P.T. from the Playstation Store from April 29, 2015. A severe blow for gamers who are looking forward to this series certainly, especially after the various negative policies Konami continues to spawn since a few months ago.

Steam is indeed dominating the competition of today’s digital game distribution platform, an undeniable fact. Attempts to compete like Super Mario RunĀ  with Origin, let alone Ubisoft with uPlay, tipped ineffectively. Steam is considered a platform that offers the most features, especially with a variety of lucrative cheap discount programs. But does this mean that Steam’s dominance will never be broken? Enterprises to ensure Valve does not dominate this market in full continue to be done. The latest attempt was made by Good Old Games, or better known as GOG.

GOG finally introduced their distribution portal called GOG Galaxy. The difference with Steam? Persisting with the Super Mario Run hack identity so far, they will ensure that the Galaxy can still be enjoyed without the DRM mechanism at all. This means, it can be enjoyed without the need for internet connectivity at all. The point is to offer more options for the users themselves, what features they want to turn on / off. GOG Galaxy will even come with a rollback feature – which allows gamers to taste the game with the previous version patch if the latest patch proved to be destructive game.

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