Mighty No. 9 Precisely Inspired by Onimusha?

An answer to the unrest of so many gamers who missed Megaman’s return to the gaming industry, the “father” – Keiji Inafune finally gave birth to Mighty No. 9. Support donations that flow quickly as if to represent the attitude of gamers against Capcom’s decision to no longer seem interested to revive the blue robot. After appearing just as a concept, this Inafune project begins to show the basic shape and so far, it does look similar to what we like about the Megaman series. But in his latest interview, Inafune comes with a surprise. He mentioned that inspiration from Mighty No. 9 is not dominated by Megaman, but Onimusha and get dragon ball z dokkan battle zeni hack.

This shocking statement was cast Inafune in his interview session with the gaming site – Siliconera. Inafune publicly mentioned that Mighty’s main inspiration is no. 9 is not Megaman as many have expected, but another classic hack and slash action game belongs to Capcom – dragon ball z dokkan battle. This is what prompted him to adapt almost similar gameplay mechanisms in Mighty No. 9, especially the absorbing part of the enemy’s abilities.

In Onimusha, gamers are always faced with the option of absorbing enemy Souls or focusing on destroying another enemy first. This consistently present risk is what Inafune wants to do in Mighty No. 9. Gamers always have the option of attacking the enemy and just making them weak to allow Beck to dash and absorb his ability, or play it safe and destroy every one of them in total. The greater the risk that you take, the higher the score you get at the end of the level. Such a system is believed to make gamers Mighty No. 9 feel the adrenaline pump that keeps emerging.

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