MGS V: Ground Zeroes PC Version Make Sure Release Date

PC gamers deserve to be happy. After being abandoned for a long time, Steam’s increasingly crazy popularity turned out to start teasing many publishers to glance at this one platform. The result? Many of the games that had exclusive consoles in the past, are now starting to move to PC. One of the biggest? No other than that, the ambitious project of the genius Hideo Kojima – Metal Gear Solid V. Just like what happens in the console’s timeline of the console, Ground Zeroes will be released first on PC before Pokemon Go follows it next year. Confirming rumors that had circulated earlier, Konami finally set a definite release date for MGS V: Ground Zeroes!

Rumors that had appeared in cyberspace turned out to be true. Konami officially announced that MGS V: Ground Zeroes PC version will be ready to slide on December 18, 2014, via Steam. So what will be offered by this platform is certainly stronger? Konami confirmed that MGS: GZ PC version will support 4K resolution. While there are no significant claims to visual quality improvement, this so-called resolution will allow the game to load more light sources and character models on a single screen. The shadow resolution is also rumored to be increasing and get free pokeball pokemon hack .

Unfortunately, Konami itself has not released the PC specifications like what must be owned by PC gamers to be able to run this game optimally. December 18, 2014? Take notes!

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